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September Movie Preview/ by /

13 Sep

September! Well, we’re already a fair bit through but in my defense there are so few releases this month I almost forgot to do a preview, but hey, maybe you haven’t seen any ads for these yet. Marketing is weird. Let’s dig in!

  1. AD ASTRA – September 20, IMAX. This one snuck up on everyone and blew the roof off the Venice Film Festival, hailed as a Sci-Fi masterpiece. The ad campaign is basically Brad Pitt wearing a spacesuit, I guess they figured that was enough. This one screams for a proper IMAX screening.
  2. RAMBO: LAST BLOOD – September 20. Stallone’s supposed final Rambo film, but hey, never say never. Here he’s defending his neighbors and his ranch from a deadly Mexican cartel. Expect lots of gore and violence, because Rambo. It’ll likely deliver the goods.
  3. HUSTLERS – September 13. Jennifer Lopez leads a team of strippers in a grift against the Wall Street tycoons who made bank while the rest of us suffered the recession they started. Reviews from TIFF were surprisingly positive, saying Lopez might get some Oscar attention. Sure, why not. It’s strong female lead who’s a stripper, which is fine, it’s her choice, her body. I’m sure filmgoers just want to see the solid performances and good story.
  4. IT: CHAPTER 2 – September 6, IMAX. Despite having a top-tier cast, this one doesn’t stick the landing. If you enjoyed Chapter 1 you should get your money’s worth but it’s missing the magic that made it a phenomenon.
  5. DOWNTON ABBEY – September 20. The royals are coming to stay at the abbey! Assemble the troops! If you’re a fan of the show you’ll enjoy returning to the family, but there’s not much to justify the big-screen treatment. They evidently lay the groundwork for more films, so don’t think of it as a farewell either.
  6. ABOMINABLE – September 27. Dreamworks tries to recreate that HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON magic with this story of a young samsquantch who’s hiding on the roof of a young Chinese girl’s apartment building. Turns out he’s also magical, so she helps him get back to his home, assumed to be Everest. It’s a bounding adventure with lovely animation but it also seems like a naked cash grab for the Chinese audience, even though it’s nice to see non-white folks frontlining a movie. Reviews are fair to middlin’, so I’m sure it’s just fine.
  7. THE GOLDFINCH – September 13. Ah, awards bait. This has all the trappings: based on a popular novel thought to be unfilmable, an all star cast, a tale that covers years, terrorist attacks, drug problems, suicide, all kinds of good stuff. It’s being largely savaged by the critics, but your mom might like it.

Aaaaand that’s it. Seven whole wide releases for the month. Next month sees a mix of awards bait and blockbusters, with several major releases. See you then!

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