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PUGCast 58 — The InfinityCast/ by /

27 Apr

Get your phreak on with the PUGCast crew. Infinity War spoilers come at the end, at timestamp 1:17:19. Podcast is spoiler-free up to that point.


– T-shirt check


– Valve acquirers Campo Santo
– Xbox and Discord get cozy. Also Xbox getting 120Hz monitor support (at 1080 and 1440 only)
– Venom was actually in Venom trailer
– Paramount CEO Jim Gianopulos confirms two new Trek movies planned at CinemaCon in Vegas, one of which will be directed by S.J. Clarkson.
– Switch hacked! Unpatchably!
– Haxx0r phone phreak tangent!

The Star Wars Minute

– Alden Ehrenreich optioned for two more films (whatever that means)
– Star Wars: Resistance animated series debuts this Fall

Tree of Woe

– Kevin has been playing Battletech and has thoughts
– Kevin also solved his legendary PS4 controller problem by getting a new controller.
– Andrew “finished” Yakuza 0, started God of War
– Jamie is back on his bullshit
– Infinity War roundtable. SPOILERS! (1:17:19)

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