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PUGCast 56 — The Kirk v PicardCast/ by /

31 Mar

Nerds arguing about Star Trek. Has that been done yet?


– T-shirt check


– No Man’s Sky coming to Xbox One, 4K and HDR support
– Lego The Incredibles announced
– CS:GO Skin trading may be done
– System Shock remake back on track for *squints* 2020
– Third party Switch docks are bricking consoles after Nintendo system update
– Captain Marvel film looks like pure 90s nostalgia oh god
– RealSovietBear’s Sonic Forces Let’s Play has gone live, featuring narration by Jamie!

The Star Wars Minute

– TLJ out on disc
– Some international posters for Solo remove Han’s gun. Predictably, some fans get mad.
– Hasbro is making Jabba’s goddamn sail barge for $500

Tree of Woe

– Update on Operation: SimPUG
– We tried to build a PC.
– Kevin is still playing Star Trek Online and that led to watching Star Trek Discovery (spoilers for ST: Discovery)
– Jamie has been playing not old games! Far Cry 5 and Sea of Thieves!
– Andrew’s Yakuza 0 minute

Let’s Play Burr(Sonic):

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