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PUGCast 54 – The 720pCast/ by /

4 Mar

720p ought to be enough for anyone.


– T-shirt check


– The ESRB has taken a bold step to regulating loot boxes by… *reads note* adding a label.
– Crackdown, Fable Anniversary, Forza Horizon and Witcher 2 get Xbox 1X enhanced.
– Do we even need to talk about Trump meeting with “The Video Game Industry” to address gun violence for some reason?
– Detroit Become Human May 25
– PS Plus stuff
– Marvel movies madness

The Star Wars Minute

– TLJ home video release is March 13 for digital, March 27 disc. Lots of extra features.
– Star Wars Rebels got weird (no spoilers)

Tree of Woe

– We did the next stream of Operation: SimPUG and had a rethink. Also Mixer continues to be great.
– Jamie has been consumed by Gems of War.
– Kevin gives PSVR one last hurrah with Skyrim and Moss

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