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PUGCast 31 — The Construction Noise Cast/ by /

6 Feb

The daywalkers gather in the apocalyptic wasteland and bring you…

– Intro, tshirt check (0:00)


– Nintendo subscription service will be ~$25USD/year. So that’s… something? (5:40)
– Zenimax wins $500 mil settlement in copyright/NDA case from Oculus, may seek to block sales of the Rift (9:43)
– PS4 beta firmware offers welcome improvements, including external HDD support and “boost mode” on the Pro. (18:41)
– Xbox One also has a new dashboard build in testing, removes snap and makes the dash faster and less cluttered. (24:54)
– Also PSVR got a few updates (30:00)

Tree of Woe

– Kevin wants to talk about a couple of points about the pilot we missed last time: time to produce new episodes (and episode length) and a shout-out to the voice cast (32:38)
– Andrew’s been playing RE7 in VR and FFXV as well as Transformers Mobile (41:08)
– Jamie performed poorly in a Neo Turf Masters race and also finished the base Diablo 3 Season 9 chapter’s for a Demon Hunter (1:03:07)


Lolo’s Neo Turf Masters archive: Click Here

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