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7 Dec

December Movie Preview


December! It’s the end of a hell year! Let’s wrap it up! 2019 will be better, right? Right? Anyway, lots of blockbusters and awards bait, so let’s dig in.

  1. SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE – Dec. 14. When Sony announced an
Read the rest
7 Dec

Dev Blog 29 — Perpetual Test

I live in Premiere now

Another challenging, uneven week as it always is near the holidays.

I had hoped to start shooting some of the actual show this week, but as I’ve been doing more monitor practice, it started becoming … Read the rest

1 Dec

PUGCast 69 — The ReturnOfTheCast


You thought you could escape, but NO! We’re back! Tremble before our slightly different format!

– T-shirt Check
– New format!
– YouTube holes: Sesame Street, Ricky Jay, lathe turning
– Andrew’s Excellent Halifax Adventure
– PUG stuff: Ep 3 … Read the rest

30 Nov

Dev Blog 28 — Puppet Regime


An uneven week, owing largely to delivery delays and my own poor sleep cycle, but I continue to stagger erratically into the future.

On the cartoon front, the goatmen models continue to develop. The 3/4 view now has full lip-sync … Read the rest

23 Nov

Dev Blog 27 — Lurching Forward


Last week didn’t exist. Okay it did, but I had to take care of some very un-fun medical stuff that required time so I didn’t get a whole lot done. Happy to report everything is fine and this week I … Read the rest

9 Nov

November Movie Preview


November! American Thanksgiving! Blockbusters! Awards bait! Well, usually. Honestly, this is a pretty rough month. Most of the big films have been getting very disappointing reviews, so consider this a warning to what’s ahead. Still, stiff upper lip, what what!… Read the rest

9 Nov

Dev Blog 26 — Team 24 FPS


Two good milestones this week.

– Scene 1 of ep 3 of the cartoon is done. Even though it’s short, it features some more sophisticated composition and camera work than we normally do, and I’m pretty happy with the results. … Read the rest

2 Nov

Dev Blog 25 — Ok, Let’s Talk About Puppets


In 1983, I got to operate a real, screen-used Fraggle. It’s a story I’ve recounted numerous times so I won’t go into detail again (I’m sure I’ve told the story on the podcast at least once) but it was the … Read the rest

26 Oct

Dev Blog 24 — Shifting Gears


One of the fun parts of O:P is also one of it’s problems: there are a number of connected-but-different things we do under the umbrella of this site. It’s one of the reasons actually doing marketing for it is hard. … Read the rest

19 Oct

EP 3 Dev Blog #2 — Concerning Ruunholm


I’ve been wrestling with something regarding the first shot of Ep 3 that I resolved this week, which leads into a bit of background on the world of Operation: PUG.

It may surprise you to learn that the video game … Read the rest

17 Oct

Op-Ed: Does buying RDR2 make me a bad person?


Spoiler alert: No. If you buy Red Dead Redemption 2 you are not a bad person.

A lot of the pre-release conversation around RDR2 has resulted from the Vulture article about it’s production, and the now-infamous “100 hour work week” … Read the rest

13 Oct

PUGCast 68 — The NewYorkChuckCast


We talk about New York, which was great. But first we walk about the Chuck Wendig situation, which is not.


– T-shirt check


– Microsoft announces Project xCloud for streaming Xbox games. Beta 2019
– Dark Crystal: Age … Read the rest