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13 Sep

Mad Max Convoy Chase


Continuing with our Mad Max love, I present this convoy chase I played yesterday in rebuttal to some of the harsher critiques. Sure there is some busywork in the game (as in all open world games), but there’s also plenty … Read the rest

12 Sep

Dev Bloggery


One of the challenges in making media around and about video games is finding time to make said media (in our case the cartoon, podcast and site) and still actually play video games. Today is one such day.

Today’s agenda: … Read the rest

9 Sep

Housekeeping (updated)


Quick note: I’ve updated the Podcast RSS feed with the new Feedburner link so it should populate with proper categories and stuff now, so update your subscriptions. Please let us know if you have any issues. As well we have … Read the rest

8 Sep

Pugcast 1: Asslike

  • Who do we think we are?
  • What the hell is this?
  • Why is Max so mad?
  • What is an Asslike?

All these important questions and more are answered in the very first PUGCast. Warning: explicit language. Of course.

Topics: Introductions, … Read the rest

22 Aug

Current Status


Tom Waits and storyboarding the teaser. … Read the rest

15 Aug

Dev Update


It’s a PUGday.

Yesterday I picked up the mixer, mics and pre-amp for the upcoming podcast.  Now all I have to do is learn how to use it.  Of course one nice byproduct of the new gear is future voice … Read the rest

3 Aug

Inaugural Twitch Stream – Marvel Heroes 2015


Things got weird at the end, but was fun while it lasted.… Read the rest

2 Aug

For the Love of Foley


Sometimes you just can’t find what you’re looking for on The Internet.  In this case I needed some foley of people walking in plate armor.  There were a few potential hits from but nothing that really fit the bill, … Read the rest