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23 Nov

PUGCast 7 – Raiding is the New Anal


A full house of nerds dive headlong into the new sleek format!

This week:

0:00 – Intro, T-shirt Check


  • Xbox One has launched backwards compatibility for 360 games and Sony has announced PS2 emulation is coming to PS4 (5:21)
Read the rest
19 Nov

New Movies for November 20


Busy week for new releases! Here’s what’s on the radar this week. If you haven’t hit the theatre in a while, there’s LOTS to choose from.

THE NIGHT BEFORE – Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Falcon himself Anthony Mackie are … Read the rest

18 Nov

SW Battlefront Quickie


Full review on an upcoming PUGCast but this was a very satisfying kill. The player I got in that close shot had been on my tail for some time.… Read the rest

13 Nov

New movies for November 13


More movies? Dear god, haven’t we seen enough movies? Can’t we just take a break for a few months? Ah, whatever. Here’s what’s out there this week. New releases include:

SPOTLIGHT – A group of investigative reporters in Boston blow … Read the rest

9 Nov

PUGCast 6 – Enter The Batphantom


Behold the return of the PUGCast, now with 100% more Batphantom!

This week:

0:00 – Intro, T-shirt Check

5:50 News:

– Exposition on this week’s intro (6:22)
– Batman Arkham Knight PC re-release has gone… poorly (10:42)
– New Star … Read the rest

8 Nov

A note about future Podcasts


First off yes, there will be a PUGCast this week, scheduled for release tomorrow.

After some discussion we’ve decided to move to a bi-weekly schedule rather than weekly, and tighten up the format a bit. As we do all of … Read the rest

6 Nov

November Movie Preview


November! Where blockbusters and awards season collide! And this year is no different. Let’s get right into it.

  1. THE GOOD DINOSAUR – Nov. 25, RealD3D. Disney/Pixar’s got another winner here. What if the dinosaurs weren’t wiped out? Well, they’d at
Read the rest
30 Oct

New Movies for October 30


Even more new releases this week! They just won’t stop making new movies! Why won’t they stop?

New this week:

SUFFRAGETTE – An Important film that could be dismissed as Oscar bait, except it really is pretty important and features … Read the rest

29 Oct

Guess what?


…no podcast this week. This alien virus from beyond Neptune has kept me out of commission all week, and my voice sounds like something you’d expect out of an amusing cartoon frog or a Skinny Puppy album.

We will get … Read the rest

23 Oct

New Movies for October 23


Ahh, it’s got that new-movie scent! Here’s what’s new this week.

ROOM – Stunning performances from Brie Larson and young Jacob Tremblay in this tale of a woman who’s held against her will for seven years and her son who’s … Read the rest

23 Oct

Another Podcast Note


The Lizard Illuminati have sent their chemtrail drones to infect me with a genetically engineered virus made possible by evil scientists and vaccines, so there will be no podcast this week. 

On the other hand, I’d like to introduce my … Read the rest

19 Oct

PUGCast 5 – The Complainercast


We’re back, down one podcaster but we’ve increased complaining by 33.333% to compensate.

This week we complain about:

(0:00) – Intro, T-shirt Check

(6:26) News:

– Microsoft hardware event (6:57)

(43:24) Tree of Woe:

– Kevin reviews Google Play Music … Read the rest