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O:P Dev Blog: A Long Awaited Update/ by /

4 May

If you listened to Ep 57 of The PUGCast, you know there’s been a fairly substantial change here at Operation: P.U.G.

Editing Ep 2 with cameo by Jimmy The Cat’s butt

Owing to various personal circumstances, I’ve found myself in a position that I don’t need to take my usual freelance contracts for a while, so after weighing it all out I’ll be devoting the next year exclusively to working on all aspects of Operation: PUG.

When we started the O:P project it was a silly whim, but there was always a core of something there that I felt was worth putting time and effort into. In the intervening years a lot has changed, but we’ve managed to put out the pilot, write several episodes, and launch a podcast that has a small but dedicated audience. I’m proud of the work we’ve done.

Of course the center of O:P is the cartoon and that requires a massive amount of labour. For now I’m the only animator, and trying to produce the pilot in my spare time illustrated how long that process can take. In producing the pilot I was also teaching myself how to actually *make* a show like this so the process is faster now, but it’s still something that takes a great deal of time. Taking this year means being able to devote the time I feel it deserves.

I’ve never had any illusions about O:P. We’re small and likely always will be. There are *thousands* of web cartoons and podcasts where three dudes talk about video games. Despite this, I think we do add something valuable to that space and have always striven for quality over quantity. In the hopper are not only plans for the cartoon, but more frequent updates to the site and more gaming live streams. Expect a regular dev blog (I hope) once a week.

I’m not usually one to beg for likes/shares etc, but I would very much appreciate it as we move into this period of increased output, if you could spread the word and get more eyes & ears to us. Shouting into the void is all well and fine, but in the end isn’t very fulfilling. O:P is something I want to share with people.

Today marks the first “official” day of my Year of Operation: PUG. Thanks for following me on this weird trip, and huge thanks to the voice cast for bringing these characters to life. I hope you’ll see the fruits of your labour soon.

Extra special thanks to Jamie and Andrew, my co-writers and co-podcasters. You keep it fun and keep me motivated.

Finally an extra-special super thanks to my wife Margaret. None of this would be possible without you.


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