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November Movie Preview (cough)/ by /

23 Nov

November! Well, it’s almost over, but the good news is that pretty much everything on the list is in theatres NOW! So let’s get into it!

  1. THOR: RAGNAROK – IMAX3D. Easily the funniest Marvel film yet. It’s a miracle on so many levels. Thor has been the centre of two of the least-loved Marvel films, but the decision to bring in Taika Waititi to direct was brilliant. His insane style brought Kirby’s visions to life, and showed that Chris Hemsworth has some solid comic chops to go with his Asgardian good looks. Valkyrie, Loki, Goldblum, Hulk… An absolute must see on the big screen.
  2. COCO – RealD3D. Pixar’s latest is a fantastic homage to the Mexican Day Of The Dead. A young boy accidentally enters the afterlife and needs to get back to his family. Stunning visuals and incredible heart.
  3. LADY BIRD – God help us, it’s a period piece set in 2003. Teen angst writ large, starring Saoirse Ronan (BROOKLYN) and directed by Greta Gerwig (FRANCES HA). This one’s likely under your radar, but it’s rocking a full 100% on RT and is one of the year’s best films.
  4. ROMAN J. ISRAEL, ESQ. – Denzel Washington plays the titular character, a struggling civil rights lawyer who gets sick of doing free work for people who don’t appreciate it, so he decides to go big league and get paid instead. It’s a complex character piece featuring one of the best actors working today, and it’s directed by NIGHTCRAWLER’s Dan Gilroy, which was a classic. Reviews are a bit soft though.
  5. THE MAN WHO INVENTED CHRISTMAS – It’s the Charles Dickens story! Dan Stevens plays Dickens, and Christopher Plummer is Scrooge, haunting Dickens as he writes. A solid grounding of one of the all-time greats, and a good holiday choice. In a few weeks.
  6. MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS – Kenneth Branagh dons the moustache as Clouseau, and also directs this remake of the beloved murder mystery. Again, reviews have been pretty soft, but it’s got a hell of a cast with Daisy Ridley, Penelope Cruz, Willem Dafoe, Josh Gad, Judi Dench, Michelle Pfeiffer, and more! Still entertaining.
  7. WONDER – Look, I’m dead inside, and it’s hard for me to open my heart to a film, so forgive me if I seem resistant to this Hollywood Oscar Bait about a young boy with a facial deformity just tryin’ to be a normal kid. ROOM’s Jacob Tierney stars, and Julia Friggin’ Roberts plays mom, while, um, Owen Wilson is the dad. Wow! Writer/director Stephen Chbosky also made the underseen PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER so I’m sure it’s a perfectly cromulent film.
  8. JUSTICE LEAGUE – Didn’t think I’d forget this, did you? It’s a decent film that’s built on a foundation of shit, so it didn’t really have a chance, even with Joss Whedon taking over for reshoots. Fans are already taking it apart trying to figure out what’s Snyder and what’s Whedon. The only good parts are the banter between the heroes, and a few moments of action. If you’re not already invested, this sure as hell won’t make you a fan.
  9. DADDY’S HOME 2 – What a clever title. I guess I’m in camp “Are we really okay with Mel Gibson now?” especially with him playing an alpha douche here. If you were a big fan of the first one, fill your boots.
  10. THE STAR – Hey, why don’t they make good wholesome family films? What’s that, they’ve been doing that all along? Okay, well, how about more bible-based family films, with lots of goofy humour to balance out the churchy stuff? And an all-star cast to keep the heathens distracted? If you’re a dowdy aunt who needs to take their niece or nephew to movie, this is the one for you! Enjoy!

So there you go, ten films which are all currently in theatres, no planning required! Oddly enough there aren’t many big films being released next month, it’s almost like there’s a massive juggernaut coming out. Hmm. We’ll look into that, um, next week.

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