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New Movies for September 16, 2016/ by /

16 Sep

TIFF is finally winding down, after weeks of choking our city streets with the blood of fans sacrificing themselves to their Hollywood Gods. Back to the grindstone! And by grindstone I mean a glut of mediocre films. Onwards!

BLAIR WITCH – Genre fans are gushing over this unexpected return to a classic lightning-in-a-bottle hit that caused millions of found-footage knockoffs. Against all odds, largely thanks to YOU’RE NEXT/ THE GUEST helmer Adam Wingard, this one delivers the goods. I wouldn’t expect it to win over non-horror fans, but if you like-a da horror, you should be happy with this.

SNOWDEN – Pretty soft positive reviews for what should have been a slam-dunk for Oliver Stone. A dramatic recreation just seems unnecessary after the stunning doc CITIZENFOUR captured the real-life insanity of Snowden’s run from the NSA. Still, it’s JGL, albeit with a baffling accent. You probably won’t see it until it’s on Netflix in, let’s say, December.

BRIDGET JONES’ BABY – The sequel nobody wanted is getting very soft reviews, but I guess they’re all championing Renee Zellweger’s return over the unnecessary next chapter in Ms. Jones’ life. If you’re looking for a girls’ night (girl’s night? huh), this is your best bet.


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