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New Movies for November 18, 2016/ by /

18 Nov

Lots of new films this week, including some that I missed on the monthly preview, so PAY ATTENTION! There will be a quiz later. Please note that 8 of the 10 films on this week’s list are “Under The Radar”, meaning they’re getting buried by the two monsters at the top, so if you’re not in the mood for visual effects, there’s LOTS to choose from.

FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM – JK is back, doling out Potterverse goodness. Reviews have been mixed to positive, so it’s a safe start for a new spinoff franchise, and it’s a must-see on the big screen.

EDGE OF SEVENTEEN – Evidently my fears were unbounded given the film’s current 95% Fresh rating on RT, so have at it! A smart coming-of-age dramedy with a great cast.

NOCTURNAL ANIMALS – This one snuck out, which isn’t a good sign for a film that won the Grand Jury prize at Venice. Tom Ford’s directorial debut A SINGLE MAN turned a lot of heads but didn’t make a lot of money. Now he’s got Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams playing a couple who end their relationship badly and, um, stuff happens. Violent stuff, delivered by Michael Shannon. It looks really dark and complex, a solid thriller after the limp GIRL ON THE TRAIN.

ELLE – Whoa Nelly. Paul Verhoeven is best known for films like ROBOCOP and STARSHIP TROOPERS, but he’s also a master thriller director as well. To call this a rape revenge fantasy would be doing it a great injustice because there’s a lot going on here, brought brilliantly to life by Isabelle Huppert, in what will certainly be a front runner performance come awards season. Certainly not escapist entertainment but an incredible film worth your time.

BILLY LYNN’S LONG HALFTIME WALK – Ang Lee’s experiment in next-gen filmmaking is getting much less celebrated results than LIFE OF PI, but if it’s playing near you in 120FPS 3D it might be worth checking out. I THINK the Y&D Cineplex might be showing it as such, it’s listed as playing in “Immersive Cinema” but there’s no description. Shame the movie isn’t better though.

BLEED FOR THIS – Miles Teller is a hell of an actor but his performance can’t save this boring, by-the-numbers biopic of boxer Vinnie Pazienza.


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