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New Movies for June 2017/ by /

2 Jun

June! The summer movie season is in full swing. This month, every weekend has a potential $100m opening, but there’s blood in the water. Not everything will succeed, but what will be worth your hard-earned cashola? Let’s take a look.

  1. BABY DRIVER – June 28. Edgar Wright is a cinematic treasure. Everything he does is touched by genius, box office be damned. The praise for his latest is through the roof, a killer action-comedy with inventive car chases that are basically choreographed with great pop tunes. An absolute must see.
  2. WONDER WOMAN – June 2, RealD3D, IMAX3D. They finally did it. DC made a great superhero flick, starring and directed by ladies. Reviews are super positive, some are putting it ahead of ALL of Marvel’s films, but there’s a lot of hopes and dreams resting on this one. Thankfully it delivers.
  3. THE MUMMY – June 9, RealD3D, IMAX3D. I don’t know how Universal got Tom Cruise to be the first headliner for their new rebooted classic horror series, but this looks utterly bananas. Should be a fun night at the movies though.
  4. IT COMES AT NIGHT – June 9. One of three horror films this month, this post-apocalyptic cabin in the woods story looks pretty damn intense, featuring the always dependable Joel Edgerton as a man trying to protect his family during an unknown society-breaking event.
  5. THE HOUSE – June 30. Someone finally put Will Farrell and Amy Pohler in a movie together! They’re parents struggling for cash to put their kid through college and decide to open an underground casino in their house. Directed by the writer of NEIGHBORS, so it’s got a good chance at success.
  6. DESPICABLE ME 3 – June 30, RealD3D, IMAX3D. Gru’s back, and he’s got a twin brother with hair. I guess that’s the hook. Trey Parker plays an 80s themed villain too, which is cool. I enjoyed the other two, so I’m sure this will be just fine.
  7. ROUGH NIGHT – June 16. Scarlett Johannson and the girls get wild and a stripper gets killed in the process. Written and directed from one of the minds behind BROAD CITY, so it’ll be dirty as hell. Always nice to see Kate McKinnon on the big screen too.
  8. CARS 3 – June 16, RealD3D, IMAX. Lightning McQueen is facing retirement, but wants one more shot at glory. Basically ROCKY IV, which is kind of fascinating. We’ll see. The IMAX release is only 2D, and it’s limited at that thanks to a jam-packed release schedule.
  9. TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT – June 21, RealD3D, IMAX3D. I mean, Jesus. Come on. I just keep going back like a beaten stepchild, hoping for one glorious shot that makes it all worthwhile, but my god these films are bad. This one looks more insane than all the others put together, and it features (what looks like) Unicron, so dammit, I’m going back for more. Ugh. But he’s shot it in native IMAX3D so that part should be interesting.
  10. MEGAN LEAVEY – June 9. Pretty ballsy title for a film about a marine and her attempts to adopt her K-9 comrade after a bomb disposal goes bad. It’s actually a solid portrayal of PTSD though, but it’ll get swamped by the megafilms at the theatres, and the title says nothing about the film. Should have held off until the fall. I love Kate Mara though.
  11. CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS: THE FIRST EPIC MOVIE – June 2. The popular kid’s book comes to life in all its doodie-laden glory. It’s not for me, but it delivers the goods for kids 8-12. Surprisingly positive reviews!
  12. 47 METERS DOWN – June 16. Mandy Moore and Claire Holt are trapped in a shark cage that’s just shy of fifty meters under water. And there’s some big sharks between them and the sweet, sweet air on the surface. You already know if you want to see this.
  13. ALL EYEZ ON ME – June 16. The story of Tupac! This year’s STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON. Or not. I’m sure it’s just fine.
  14. AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING – June 30. This has been in the can for over FIVE YEARS. That is never a good sign. Expect nothing.


So lots to choose from this month! But oh doctor, does July have some big titles. See you in a few!

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