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New Movies for January 13, 2016/ by /

13 Jan

After an ONSLAUGHT of emails, tweets, texts, faxes, and carrier pigeons, it’s time to bring back the look at what’s new in theatres this week! Since it’s been a few, I’ll give a breakdown for everything, and it’s also expanded beyond the usual 10 since it’s crazy thick out there thanks to awards season. I should also mention that Cineplex is offering half off of Scene point redemptions for a movie on Monday, January 16 as an antidote to Blue Monday. So you can see a VIP movie for 1000 points or a regular film for 500. Totes worth it, especially if you haven’t seen ROGUE ONE in IMAX yet.

LA LA LAND – Already cleaning up in the early awards season, this is the film to see right now, and there’s a limited run on some IMAX screens as well! Not that it’s necessary in that format, but it’s a solid film.

SILENCE – Jesuit priests have a rough go of it in 17th century Japan. Martin Scorsese’s latest isn’t setting the world on fire, and it’s a three-hour epic to boot, so it’s a bit of a hard sell. Still totally worth it though.

HIDDEN FIGURES – Hollywood keeps underestimating urban films, and this true story of the grossly underappreciated black women who helped shape the NASA program has been a big hit. Not exactly big screen content, but well worth seeing.

ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY – I mean, come on.

LION – Dev Patel digs into his forgotten past to try to find his family in dirt-poor India. Very affecting drama, a three-hanky night for sure.

MANCHESTER BY THE SEA – Another weepie, maybe even four hanky territory.

MOONLIGHT – Powerful stuff, rightly winning lots of awards this year.

MONSTER TRUCKS – A young man discovers an alien creature who enjoys living in his truck, thereby making it an actual Monster Truck. Evidently this has been on the shelf for a year and Paramount’s already taking a $140 million dollar write-off on it. It was supposed to be a four-quadrant hit but it turned into a really fun kid’s film, so your three-to-ten year old should love it.

A MONSTER CALLS – A young boy dealing with his mother’s illness imagines a creature who comes to his aid. Yet another weepie, with much better visual effects, but it’s not getting much of an audience despite strong reviews.

PATRIOTS DAY – The dramatized version of the Boston Marathon Bombing, complete with composite characters and cartoonishly evil villains. Not a bad film, but not a film that really needed to be made.

LIVE BY NIGHT – Ben Affleck takes a suprising misstep with this prohibition-era gangster tale. Reviews have been fairly brutal, which is a real shame.

UNDERWORLD: BLOOD WARS – Fifth time around for this franchise, but don’t worry, they spend most of the film explaining the entire series to you. Literally more of the same.

THE BYE BYE MAN – Another unnecessary attempt at creating a terrifying new horror villain. Reviews range from soft to dismissive. Unless you’re desperate for a horror fix, avoid this one.

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