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New Movies for October 30/ by /

30 Oct

Even more new releases this week! They just won’t stop making new movies! Why won’t they stop?

New this week:

SUFFRAGETTE – An Important film that could be dismissed as Oscar bait, except it really is pretty important and features Carey Mulligan, Helena Bonham Carter and Meryl Friggin’ Streep telling the story of women’s suffrage: the battle for the right for women to vote. It’s a film that will end up screened in history classes, but is it worth your money on the big screen? Tough call.

A SCOUT’S GUIDE TO THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE – I’m pretty squarely in the “hate” category of clever zombie films, but this seems to be better than many of the seemingly endless parade of low budget zomcoms. If you want gory over quality this Halloween, this is your choice, but CRIMSON PEAK is a much better film.

BURNT – Bradley Cooper is a thinly veiled Gordon Ramsey clone trying to rebuild his life after a full scale burnout. It’s been on the shelf a while and gone through a few name changes, and will likely sputter and die at the box office.

OUR BRAND IS CRISIS – Sandra Bullock toplines a political dramedy set against an election battle in South America. Can a burnout revive her career- hang on, is this the same movie as BURNT? Huh. Still, not really worth your time based on the soft-to-negative reviews.



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