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24 Mar

Well howdy pardners! Let’s mosey on down to the mul-tee-plex and see what’s on at the pitcher show!

BATMAN V SUPERMAN COLON DAWN OF JUSTICE – Well, it’s here, and man, are the reviews HARSH. There’s a few with faint praise, but the bulk of the nerd intelligentsia is coming down on this one hard. DC fanboys even think Disney paid off Entertainment Weekly to slag it, and it’s owned by WB. Madness. Still, it’s on the top of my list, and if you’re gonna see it, it better be in IMAX, and bonus points, it’s actually in 2D on the Scotiabank IMAX! That should be something special. I’ll be seeing it on Good Friday, as the lord intended.

MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING 2 – I mean, come on. If you’re gonna take another kick at the can at least try to do something interesting with the material. But nope, this is literally more of the same, so if you loved MBFGW and the TV show didn’t put you off, get you some. But you should probably just wait for Netflix.


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