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New Movies for April 8/ by /

8 Apr

What’s on at the show this week? Why, movies of course! Tens and tens of movies! Let’s look at what’s new. For the record, Batman V Superman Colon Dawn Of Justice is still at the top because it’s in glorious 2D IMAX at the Scotiabank.

HARDCORE HENRY – What hath video games wrought? 97 minutes of first-person action. If you have motion sickness issues, don’t even bother. It’s an experiment, and if it’s successful, god help us all. Still worth checking out on a technical level if you think you can deal with it.

DEMOLITION – Jake Gyllenhaal deals with his wife’s death by manually destroying their home. Hey, it’s can-con, and the reviews are pretty good, so if you want to get your drama on, there’s not much else out there.

THE BOSS – Melissa McCarthy being all Melissa McCarthy. She’s basically a badass post-prison Martha Stewart wreaking havoc on her old assistant while trying to regain her mojo. You probably already know if you’re going to see it.

I SAW THE LIGHT – A disappointing biopic on the legendary Hank Williams. Worst case, you’re gonna hear a lot of great music.


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