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New Movies for February 17, 2017/ by /

17 Feb

This week’s releases were so close to being good, but all of them (save one) are lacking something important. Still lots to see though!

PATERSON – Jim Jarmusch is a national treasure, and his works should always be celebrated. His latest stars Adam Driver as, um, a bus driver, just gettin’ through the day. It’s actually a very quiet film, a meditation on how folks with medial jobs can still find joy in the little things. Maybe we all need a story like this right now.

THE GREAT WALL – The massive Chinese experiment finally hits North American cinemas. Can a Chinese production gain a worldwide audience? What if Matt Damon is the star, even though he’s really not? What if the film is mediocre? I’d say if you’re interested at all, see it in IMAX3D, there are supposed to be some spectacular moments but not enough to really warrant a viewing.

FIST FIGHT – It’s Charlie Day VS Ice Cube! A meek teacher gets a disciplinarian fired, and they’re gonna settle it outside! It looked terrible, but it’s better than it looks, though still not worth your money.

A CURE FOR WELLNESS – A young man goes looking for his missing boss, last seen at a sanitarium where the treatments are… DEADLY.¬†Gore Verbinski’s latest is frustrating, since it looks amazing but it’s all style, no substance, and it’s TWO AND A HALF HOURS LONG.

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