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New Movies for February 10, 2017/ by /

10 Feb

I realized while writing this that though I did make that preview for ALLLL of 2017, I didn’t actually make a preview for February. Meh, most of the good films are out this week anyway, so you’ll have to make do with the weekly previews. I’ll try to get the others up on Thursday though. Regardless, here’s a look at your Valentine’s Day options!

JOHN WICK CHAPTER 2 – The first film was a revelation. Keanu was already skilled in Martial Arts, and he went hard to become a master of tactical gunplay as well. Here all those abilities come to fruition with the continuing story of a retired assassin getting pulled back into the game. Jamie’s already seen it and was utterly blown away by the action, so yeah, you’re gonna get your money’s worth. Go see it on the big screen this time to help make sure we get another trip to The Continental.

THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE – THE LEGO MOVIE was a surprise critical and commercial hit, and one of the best elements was Will Arnett’s Batman. Now he has his own film, complete with pretty much every character ever created in the Batman comics. It’s funny as hell and a visual delight to boot. Oddly enough the IMAX version seems to be 2D, so no glasses this time!

FIFTY SHADES DARKER – Blander than the first. Unless you’re a real fan of the series, a completely underwhelming night at the movies.

THE SPACE BETWEEN US –  A young man secretly born on Mars (!) sneaks back to Earth to meet a girl he likes. Basically Nicholas Sparks’ version of THE MARTIAN. This opened last weekend with a resounding thud, thanks to a lame screenplay and lack of chemistry. But hey, Gary Oldman!

RINGS – Yeah, it’s another RING movie, this time without bringing anything new to the table. Meh, dammit, meh!


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