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New Movies for August 26, 2016/ by /

26 Aug

Hello out there! Movies? Sure, I can tell you about movies. Why don’t we start with what’s new this week?

DON’T BREATHE – A killer thriller about a three youngsters who decide to rob a blind guy who’s rumoured to be stashing loads of cash, only to find that the target is basically Daredevil meets the Punisher. Great reviews, absolutely worth seeing with an audience.

SOUTHSIDE WITH YOU – Barack and Michelle Obama’s first date! Obviously plays kinda fast and loose with the facts, but it’s a nice little film with a message, because everyone loves learning lessons!

MECHANIC: RESURRECTION – Jason Statham’s latest is pretty much exactly what you expect. He’s an assassin who makes the deaths look like an accident, but he gets caught up in a web of intrigue. Also, Tommy Lee Jones is involved, playing a crazy old coot. He’s also in JASON BOURNE, which this film pretty much parallels in that it’s a sequel that really doesn’t need to exist.


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