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May Movie Preview/ by /

4 May

It’s gonna be May! Wait, it IS May! Guess we should look at the summer blockbusters and stealth counterprogramming hits coming your way!

  1. SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY STARRING HAN SOLO BUT A YOUNG VERSION – May 25, RealD3D, IMAX3D. After a false start with Miller and Lord, Ron Howard quickly cranked out a more accessible version of what’s likely to be a light confectionary of a film. How did Han meet Chewie? How did he win the Falcon? What exactly was the Kessel Run? All these questions and more will be answered! I’m hoping for a fun adventure with some style, and the trailers look great. Donald Glover’s Lando is on point. Should be another hit for the newly invigorated franchise.
  2. DEADPOOL 2 – May 18, IMAX. The first film was an unexpected smash, so they’ve got a much bigger budget for this go-round. The merc with a mouth is back, taking on a man from the future who’s hell-bent on killing a kid who causes big trouble in said future. Hey, it’s Josh Brolin again! Dude’s getting around. This should be a blast.
  3. TULLY – May 4. JUNO’s Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody reteam to tell a darkly humorous tale of motherhood. Charlize Theron has just had her third kid and takes on a night nanny to help out with the overwhelming demands of motherhood and, uh, wifehood. Should be a great mix of pathos and humour. Early reviews are very strong, and Reitman definitely needs a hit.
  4. BREAKING IN – May 11. Celebrate Mother’s Day with this tale of a mother (Gabrielle Union) saving her kids from bad guys who have, um, broken into her late father’s impregnable fortress of a home. It actually looks like a great cheesy thriller from V FOR VENDETTA’s James McTeigue.
  5. BAD SAMARITAN – May 4. A dumb thief breaks into a crazy person’s house and finds a girl held prisoner. It’s nice to see David Tennant as a villain again, but don’t watch the trailer since it seems to show the whole film. Could be a decent thriller, but not a likely candidate for a night out.
  6. LIFE OF THE PARTY – May 11. Melissa McCarthy is being all Melissa McCarthy again. This time she’s a newly divorced woman trying to rediscover her place in the world by going back to college where she’ll find herself and also help young people do stuff and things, and probably fall down and break things in a comic fashion.
  7. BOOK CLUB – May 18. Four legendary actresses play women who rediscover their sexuality via FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. I’m not kidding. Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, Mary Steenburgen, and Diane Keaton pair off with Richard Dreyfuss, Andy Garcia, Craig T. Nelson, and Don Johnson. It’s your mom’s new favorite movie.
  8. OVERBOARD – May 4. A gender-flipped remake of the moderately successful romcom, with a Latino twist. Instead of Kurt Russell abducting an amnesiac Goldie Hawn it’s Anna Faris abducting Eugenio Derbez. So instead of a spoiled rich girl becoming a slave it’s a spoiled Latino dude. Reviews are super soft.
  9. SHOW DOGS – May 18. Raja Gosnell has made a living making crappy kid’s films like SMURFS and BEVERLY HILLS CHIHUAHUA so this is right in his wheelhouse. A tough Rottweiler goes undercover at the dog show to fight terrorists or something. The dogs all talk, I assume the humans can’t hear them, and poor Will Arnett is the straight man. Fart jokes? Check. Poop jokes? Sure. Butt stuff? You know it. I guess it’s the only kids film out this month, so it’ll probably be a monster hit. Whatever.

So yeah, with AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR moving to April there’s lots of empty space this month, but there’s two must-see blockbusters to enjoy at your leisure. June’s got more big guns but we’ll hold off on that for a month or so.

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