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Last Day, Year of the City 2016/ by /

31 Dec

Guess it’s time for the year-end navel gaze again.

It’s been a godawful year in general, mostly for the world at large. The Trump victory is just the pimple head ripening on the festering goiter that had been growing for years. But now the bad guys are loud and unashamed, and their filth has poisoned the world, possibly terminally. It all still seems somehow surreal, like a fever dream you can’t wake up from.

In light of all that it’s hard to stay optimistic. The cartoon finally came out and I’m proud of that, but it’s tough to maintain the kind of light-heartedness that it requires in the light of the very real evil that is crystallizing around us.

I sacrificed a lot for the cartoon — time, money, and, ultimately, friends. I still don’t know if it was worth it. It was and still is very much something I *have* to do.

Writing comedy in this sociopolitical atmosphere is a serious challenge. What the hell do stupid little jokes about video games matter when very real hate crimes are being committed on the street outside my window? And yet I have to remind myself that comedy is especially important in times of crisis. The Joker/Fool is the one who points out the absurdity of things, holds the funhouse mirror up to the grim world we’ve built and shatters our perceptions of limits.

Some of the best and most vital comedy comes out of historical eras of strife. That’s not a coincidence. In the end, it’s our humor that sets us apart from the monsters. It is the most human of expressions.

So we carry on. I can’t say I’m optimistic about how things will go in the coming years, but I think the one thing I and the crew of Operation: P.U.G. can contribute is a few smiles.

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