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June Movie Preview/ by /

7 Jun

June! Non-stop blockbusters! Well, more or less. Let’s take a look.

  1. TOY STORY 4 – June 21, IMAX, RealD3D. Is this the final chapter for Pixar’s OG? 3 certainly seemed like a proper ending, but I guess they hammered out another last gasp for Woody and company. It looks fine, I mean, it’s Pixar, fine for them is perfection for most. It just seems like they’re hitting the same notes as the last two chapters, but hey, who’s gonna complain about more of these beloved characters?
  2. MEN IN BLACK INTERNATIONAL – June 14, IMAX, RealD3D. Another fourth chapter! 3 was a huge step up from the rushed and pretty terrible part 2, but this reboot casts Thor and Valkyrie as the central agents. Again, it seems to be treading on familiar ground based on the trailer, but director F. Gary Gray is coming off FATE OF THE FURIOUS and STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, so it should have a fresh feel to it. I’m hopeful but cautious.
  3. SHAFT – June 14. It’s the third generation of Shafts! Richard Roundtree and Sam Jackson lead the newest bad mamma jamma Jessie T. Usher in the world of, um, detecting? Tim Story’s had a rough run since RIDE ALONG but this looks like a hoot.
  4. ANNA – June 21. Luc Besson is back with another ass-kicking female lead actioner a la LUCY, this time with Russian supermodel Sasha Luss in the lead. Looks like a solid entry in the assassin genre.
  5. YESTERDAY – June 28. Danny Boyle is back with the tale of a young singer who’s the only person on earth who remembers the Beatles, and shares their music with the world, only, you know, as his own material. Early reviews are all over the map, but Danny Boyle doesn’t make boring movies.
  6. WILD ROSE – June 21. A Scottish lass wants to be a country star, but is she ready to abandon her family? Looks pretty good but little films like this get annihilated in the summer.
  7. DARK PHOENIX – June 7, Real3D, IMAX. Fox says goodbye to the X-MEN with a mediocre farewell. It’s everything you expect, weak performances from good actors, good performances from weak actors, unexciting action sequences with a few moments of brilliance, a plot that ignores most of the previous films, and an ending that doesn’t feel earned. Whatever, it’s over now. Hopefully Disney waits a good five years before rebooting it again.
  8. CHILD’S PLAY – June 21. Chucky’s back, in the first reboot of the series. Aside from a clever marketing campaign it doesn’t look like there’s much to this one, seems more like a rogue AI than a possessed doll. Hey, at least Mark Hammill is getting work.
  9. THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2 – June 7, RealD3D. The first was an amusing little film with some fun voicework. This is basically a collection of shorts that would normally be an extra on the DVD that’s been dragged out to feature length, and they hired Harrison Ford to make things interesting. Reviews are terrible, but hey, your kids will be distracted, though probably just for the first half hour.
  10. ANNABELLE COMES HOME – June 28. This is the EIGHTH film in THE CONJURING extended universe, and the third ANNABELLE film within that. So yeah, I’m sure this will be rich with new material and not just a series of jump scares.

So there you have it, June in a nutshell. Surprising that there’s only ten releases this month, but it’s a bloodbath for what’s out there anyway, why throw your perfectly good movie away? July has some killer stuff coming, so I’ll see you then.

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