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June Movie Preview/ by /

31 May

June! The summer officially begins, though the summer movie season’s been going since, like, March. But hey, blockbusters! And some under-the-radar hits as well! Let’s dig in.

  1. INCREDIBLES 2 – RealD3D, IMAX – June 15. Fourteen years ago Brad Bird and Pixar changed the game with their brilliant THE INCREDIBLES. Despite the time between them, the new film picks up right where the last one finished, with a fight against The Underminer! But the main story is about how to let someone else have the spotlight, in this case Elastigirl becomes the head honcho while Mr. Incredible tries to raise three super powered kids. Should be at least as good as the original.
  2. SICARIO: DAY OF THE SOLDADO – June 29. SICARIO was brilliant, largely thanks to director Denis Villeneuve and DOP Roger Deakins. The original writer is on board, but it’s directed by Italian Stefano Sollima, best known for the gangster epic GOMORRAH. Bottom line, it’s Josh Brolin vs Benicio Del Toro, so it’s gonna be a blast.
  3. OCEAN’S 8 – June 8. The ladies take the lead for the next chapter in the OCEAN’S series, but they only need 8 to get the job done. Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett take the lead. No Soderbergh this time, but Gary Ross (SEABUSCUIT, PLEASANTVILLE) is a solid choice.
  4. HOTEL ARTEMIS – June 8. In a near-future dystopian LA an underground hospital for criminals is under assault. Running the hospital is none other than Jodie Friggin’ Foster. Rounding out the cast are Sterling K. Brown, Sofia Boutella, Dave Bautista, and Jeff Goldblum. Sign me the hell up. Written and directed by Drew Pearce, who made the criminally underseen NO HEROICS for British TV a decade ago.
  5. HEREDITARY – June 8. The latest insanity from the folks who brought you THE VVITCH. Family secrets start to unravel when the clan matriarch dies. Toni Collette and Gabriel Byrne headline this insanity which tore the roof off at several festivals this year, so it could be a sleeper hit.
  6. TAG – June 15. Somehow, based on a true story. Every year college friends get together for an all-out game of tag, which one guy has never lost. It’s a cool cast with Jeremy Renner, Jon Hamm, and Ed Helms to name a few, but the creatives are all basically first-timers, so it’s hard to say if they’ll pull it off.
  7. JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM – RealD3D, IMAX3D – June 22. It feels like they could have just skipped the last one and jumped right into this story, but who am I to judge a billion dollar grossing reboot? Chris Pratt’s charm only gets you so far, but now it’s fully about corporate genetically engineered dinosaur killing machines. Seems to spend the first half of the film getting dinos off the exploding island, and the second half fighting said killing machines on land. Sure, why not.
  8. THE HUSTLE – June 29. For a movie that comes out in a month there’s no poster let alone a trailer, but what we know is that it’s a gender-swapped remake of DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS starring Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson. Director Chris Addison is best known for his acting work on THE THICK OF IT and has directed several episodes of VEEP so he’s got the Iannucci bump. Hopefully a trailer will make me feel better about this one.
  9. ACTION POINT – June 1. I’ve got an odd relationship with Johnny Knoxville. This seems like someone just wanted to tell the insane true story of Action Park but it got rolled into a Knoxville vehicle instead. Watching Johnny take those hits at his age makes me cringe more than laugh.
  10. ADRIFT – June 1. Shailene Woodley is stuck on a wrecked boat in the middle of the ocean with her now crippled boyfriend. Yet another Based On A True Story. Don’t expect any surprises here.
  11. UNCLE DREW – June 29. Kyrie Irving brings his Pepsi spokescharacter Uncle Drew to the big screen. See, the joke is that an NBA superstar dresses up in old man makeup and murders folks on the basketball court. The film has the old hackneyed “street ball tournament” which only seem to matter in movies like this. Expect a thousand cameos. You already know if you’re the target for this film.
  12. SUPERFLY – June 13. This remake has an interesting look but the early buzz is terrible. The action moves from New York to Atlanta, so that’s something. Canadian born Director X is behind the camera, having made approximately a thousand hip-hop videos including “Started At The Bottom”.
  13. RACE 3 – June 13. It looks like Bollywood decided to remake FURIOUS 7. Expect a fairly large release for this one, but lord almighty, it looks like there was a sale on Phantom high-speed cameras given all the slow-mo on display here. Also, shirts seem to have been banned. Well, most of the action seems to take place in the desert so I guess it makes sense.

And there you have it. Lots of excuses to enjoy a cool, cool theatre for a few hours. July is, of course, much hotter. Are the movies? We shall see.

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