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July Movie Preview/ by /

6 Jul

July! The thick of the Summer Movie Season! And based on a quick look at August, the end of it, but that’s for another post. We should probably look at this month for now.

  1. ANT MAN AND THE WASP – July 6, RealD3D, IMAX3D. The first Ant Man came on the heels of AGE OF ULTRON, and this one comes right after the bananas INFINITY WAR. I guess it’s meant to be a comedic palate cleanser to get those bits of superhero dust out of your teeth. Anyhoo, this one puts the Wasp front and centre after Scott Lang has his suit and his freedom taken away at the end of CIVIL WAR. It’s a fun one with lots of action, really the perfect summer movie.
  2. MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT – July 27, IMAX. The MI series has in many ways surpassed the Bond series, and this one promises to continue the trend. Cruise continues to put his ass on the line for bigger and bolder stunts, all in service of tight spy stories and great performances. Henry Cavill’s CIA agent could be the scene stealer here thanks to his load-the-guns moment in the trailer, but it’s gonna be a hell of ride. No idea how many more Tom’s got in him though.
  3. SORRY TO BOTHER YOU – July 13. A struggling telemarketer discovers that his white-guy voice is his ticket to success. Summer counterprogramming is a tricky beast, so releasing a bizarre racial comedy in the middle of blockbuster season is a ballsy move, but the reviews are pretty good and GET OUT’s Lakeith Stanfield paired with Tessa Thompson should get lots of attention from audiences.
  4. SKYSCRAPER – July 13. Ahh, The Rock. Finally getting his due, he’s now able to make his DIE HARD. A big, goofy action romp where he gets to save his family from Eurotrash. And Neve Campbell plays his wife! Director Rawson Marshall Thurber worked with the big guy on CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE and previously made DODGEBALL, so it’s likely to be decent action with some humour. You know, like any film starring The Rock should be.
  5. HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3: SUMMER VACATION – July 13, RealD3D. The first two films were much better than I expected thanks to the genius of Genndy Tartakovsky, so this should be more of the same. I love the idea of a monster cruise ship.
  6. THE FIRST PURGE – July 4. This look at the genesis of the titular purge is verrrry close to the current climate, and ramps up the racial division much higher. It’s distressingly close to reality, but there’s no way it could go this far. Right? This is pretty much a pilot for an upcoming PURGE TV show.
  7. THE EQUALIZER II – July 20. Denzel’s reboot of the amazing Edward Woodward TV show was successful, so of course there’s a sequel. This one looks more like MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE than anything, with McCall going international to, you know, equalize. Antoine Fuqua is a solid action director who always seems to come up a bit short, so hopefully he’ll nail this one.
  8. TEEN TITANS GO! TO THE MOVIES – July 27. Never got into the TV show, and since this keeps the goofy look it doesn’t seem to warrant big screen treatment. Also, I love Will Arnett but making him play Deathstroke (whoops, I mean Slade) is a bit much given the massive success of LEGO BATMAN. Oh, and Jimmy Kimmel plays Batman while Nic Cage plays Superman. *cough*
  9. UNFRIENDED: DARK WEB – July 20. This thematic followup to UNFRIENDED sees a group of friends get murdered one by one because one asshole took a laptop from his work’s lost and found. The whole thing is presented via desktop, which is a challenge that’s been done before, but hey, it’s reality now, right? Turns out the dark web is used to trading murder videos and whatnot, who knew?
  10. MAMMA MIA: HERE WE GO AGAIN! – July 20. Meryl Streep is dead, and her daughter is pregnant! So let’s remember the younger version, played by Lily Cole and play lots of Abba songs, also Cher is Meryl’s mom. As usual, your mom will love it.

So that’s July! Pretty tight this year, no real nightmares in the bunch. August will address that. See you in 30!

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