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Gaming Gutcheck — Titanfall 2/ by /

6 Nov

So, speaking as someone who didn’t end up playing much of the original Titanfall (I picked it up after the multiplayer craze died down, and there was no single-player mode to speak of) I really wasn’t super into Titanfall 2 pre-launch. It was something that was coming, and the trailer looked good, but I didn’t have that connection.

Did I mention that it looks great?

The level design is extremely varied and looks great

Well, the reviews that I have seen have been great, and I had a bunch of gift cards for EB Games from a recent birthday, So I figured I’d pick it up and give it a shot. Let me tell you, this was one of the best gaming-related decisions I’ve made this year.

This time around, there is a single-player mode! And it’s good! It is fast and satisfying and it brings all the things you could possibly want! Double jump? Check. Wall running? Check. Satisfying platforming? Check. GIANT FUCK-OFF ROBOTS THAT YOU CAN PILOT?? Hell yes, check! The Titans in this game aren’t traditional mechs, dumb mechanical suits that you pilot. Titans have an AI. You can jump out, and it will give you covering fire! It gives you advice and helps you tactically when you are separated from it. And it feels really good to pilot, as well.

The game looks great, and apart from one bit of slowdown in Multiplayer, it has been rock solid at 60 FPS. The other great thing about the game is that all the guns that I have tried are really fun to use. There are tonnes of different types, and for the most part they all do different things.

I would say that Titanfall 2, if it isn’t on your radar currently, should be. Definitely worth checking out!

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