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Game Gutcheck — Forza Horizon 3/ by /

4 Oct

Note: I’m going to start posting these short notes from time-to-time about games I’m currently playing. These aren’t intended to be in-depth reviews or to present the entire scope of the game, but just thoughts and impressions that I think might be interesting.

Overused buzzword warning: “wheelhouse”.

Hi, I’m Kevin. I don’t own a driver’s license. The only thing I know about cars is they have more than 2 wheels and are intended to convey people and goods from one location to another. And some cars look nice, and some cars go fast and these facts aren’t always correlated.

As a result Forza Horizon 3 was most certainly not on my radar, however thanks to the combination of (a) good buzz around the game and (b) being in that fugue state where I want something new to play, I decided to jump in and try something totally outside of my wheelhouse. I’m pleasantly surprised I did.



The driving feels good, in that as an absolute novice I can still make the car stay on (or off) the road more-or-less as I intend. The visual are lovely, the cross-play between Xbox One and PC so far is seamless, and the “drivatar” tech interesting.

More than that, there is a genuine positive vibe to the whole game — not only is it polished, but the whole thrust of the presentation seems oriented to light, happy good times. Here are some cool cars in a beautiful place that we can go and have some silly fun with. Go be awesome. Or not. Whatever you enjoy. It understands that many small carrots are a whole lot more fun for a certain type of gamer than a big stick.

More thoughts on the next PUGCast.

It turns out driving cool cars fast in a beautifully-rendered landscape is really fun. Who knew?

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  1. scumm_boy scumm_boy says:

    What Kevin said. I am enjoying the game way too much!

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