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Further Thoughts on Destiny/ by /

30 Mar

These are things that I have thought about in the hours that I’ve played in Destiny since The Podcast¬†(Linked here for clarity.)

I can feel the rougher edges of the Social Hub in Destiny starting to wear off. I know where the majority of the quest people are now, and can usually discern them from the background vendors and idle players. I still don’t like having to go there frequently, as it still feels disruptive to the rest of the game, but I’m at least minimizing the time I need to be there.

As was discussed in the O:P Discord server, I think Bungee really dropped the ball on the level 25 boost they packaged in with the Legendary Edition. There should be a notification that it will kill the quest-based on-boarding (if it actually does) or Bungee should have had it continue with the hyper-explanations and given players on their second character an option to opt-out of it. If a lot of confusion on my part was due to the boost, it was because the boost and it’s effects were not adequately explained. At least, that’s my feeling.

And lastly, and forever, why would anyone make your quest hud element disappear after a period of time? I *hate* having to pull out ghost to figure out where I’m going next. That is janky as hell, and there should at least be an option to make the marker persistent. Also, why the hell can’t I fire a side-arm while on a Sparrow? That would be cool as hell!

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