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Dev Blog 27 — Lurching Forward/ by /

23 Nov

The Goatmen Cometh

Last week didn’t exist. Okay it did, but I had to take care of some very un-fun medical stuff that required time so I didn’t get a whole lot done. Happy to report everything is fine and this week I got back at it.

Cartoon progress continues at a snail’s pace as expected. As revealed in Ep 2, this time we’re about to encounter Notvarg’s army of goat-men, so doing their character models is where I’m at. They need full turnarounds and phonemes, so it’s a matter of building them out.

On the puppet front, I’ve had a surge of writing that I’m fairly pleased with. We now have rough drafts for the first 4 episodes of The Oracle, as well as seeds for about 10 more. At this point I’m aiming for a new episode every 2 weeks, and considering the plan is to shoot a few at a time (since they’re short), it means we can have a few in the hopper.

The show will feature 2 principle characters. For the main character I’m working with a designer/fabricator and we’re building him from scratch. For the 2nd character I had originally found a puppet on Etsy that would have been fine, but then I found Luna’s Puppets, run by talented maker Kevin Gorby. I ordered a custom build and he arrived this week, and I have to say he looks fantastic. I really want to post pics on social media but he’s best left as a surprise, so I’ll refrain. Join the O:P Discord server and check out the puppet-stuff channel if you want to be spoiled.

And finally we plan to get back to a reformatted podcast next weekend. We’ll go into the reason for the hiatus on the show but essentially I needed a break and a re-think, and I think we’ve got a good plan going forward. Looking forward to getting back at it.

The fact that I woke up this morning feeling like I’m getting a cold is complete nonsense so pay no attention to it.

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