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Dev Update/ by /

15 Aug

It’s a PUGday.

Yesterday I picked up the mixer, mics and pre-amp for the upcoming podcast.  Now all I have to do is learn how to use it.  Of course one nice byproduct of the new gear is future voice work for the show will sound better than ever.  The Yeti Blue mic we’ve been using for recording vocals and foley has been great, but nothing can compare to a good cardiod condensor studio mic.  Now we have 3 of them.  I plan to stroll down to Toronto legend Active Surplus later to get the six thousand different cables and adapters we need.

In the meantime working on more animation.  I realized I’ve been focusing on the site for the past few weeks and haven’t done much in the way of actual animation.  It’s nice to get back to it.  It’s a good sign that even when working on the same shot for hours, it can still make me chuckle.  Part of the fun in being an animator is coming up with some of the visual/timing gags that weren’t thought of just from a written script.

Also must storyboard the teaser, which hopefully is coming soon(tm).

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  1. NeonNazgul NeonNazgul says:

    Sadly, Active proved less than productive. No stock in the most common cables (seriously, no mini-stereo-to-RCA). No XLR that could carry phantom power. No shock mounts or pop filters. Going to have to wait until the wallet can sustain a trip to Long & McQuade.

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