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Ep 2 Dev Blog #8 — The Thinker/ by /

29 Jun

The 70’s were weird

This week I got stuck into the longest scene in episode 2. There are a few challenges mostly related to timing and compositing, as there are heavy elements of motion graphics and effects.

One of the more interesting questions that comes up when doing a scene like this for a cartoon is how much do you in “in camera” (that is, as part of the figure animation process itself) or how much do you do in post? As I really enjoy working with post processing I usually opt for the latter, and create the shots largely as one would shoot a live action, with the characters “acting” like all the elements are present and then adding the effects in later. This ads the greatest flexibility with the advantage that I can go back and correct any eye-line issues fairly easily in the base footage. You can’t always do that if you have, say, Ewan McGregor talking to a tennis ball on a stick.

This is a roundabout way of saying that there isn’t a lot of actual progress to report, since any shot like this takes a lot of prep. As a firm believer in “measure twice, cut once” I tend to spend a fair amount of time just thinking about the best way to approach any given shot and then planning it out. Generally speaking once a process is established the rest of the shots fall into place, so the pace should quicken again in the coming days.

As there isn’t much to say cartoon-wise I thought I’d drop a few fun trivia tidbits:

1) The O:P “silhouette” logo was inspired by a combination of the Super Friends title and the 70’s Charlie’s Angels logo (above)

2) We have two types of eyeball designs: with whites and without. Without (Karen and Wayne for example) we call “Scooby Doo eyes”

3) May’s colour scheme was inspired by Ken from Gatchaman


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