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Ep 2 Dev Blog #7 — Back in the Saddle/ by /

22 Jun

Working on a cartoon means not having time to dust…

One of the goals in taking this year for O:P exclusively was to see if I could build momentum, both on the production end and in growing our audience. There are always speed bumps, as last week’s illness demonstrates, but this week I started feeling it again so things are back in full swing.

Among the motivations for making a cartoon at all is we really enjoy doing character voices. The choice of who plays what part is always down to who brings the most character to the performance, and often things change radically from original concept. Gnoll, for example, was originally going to be Scottish but Jamie’s gruff, vaguely Brooklyn voice was so good that it changed the character. Likewise The hazmat-suited Technician was really just a background extra, but Andrew’s airline-pilot characterization was so funny and took us all off guard that he’s become a character in his own right.

In the pilot the only voice I did was the brief glimpse we got of Notvarg at the end. Oh and I did hiss into a tin can for the Troll noises. And there is one bit of foley with Karen taking a breath that’s actually me. In Episode 2 I’m getting to do a fully realized character voice and this week I recorded my lines. It went well. This is another example of a character who’s voice changed quite a lot from the original concept, but it would be pretty big spoilers to give details so I’ll wait until Ep 2 is out.

Speaking of which, there are now exactly 2 scenes left to do and Ep 2 will be done. One of those scenes is the longest in the episode and contains a fair amount of new assets so it won’t be quick, but I can reasonably estimate that Ep 2 should be ready to be released in a few weeks. That’s very exciting. What comes after that? My plan is to take a bit of an animation break and start working on building more of an audience. Not only will I be doing more streaming but we’re also looking at bringing more people into the O:P family for blog writing, streaming, podcast guests, etc. More on that as it develops.

And then comes Episode 3. Ah yes Ep 3. It’s a doozy. But no spoilers.

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