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Ep 2 Dev Blog #6 — The Week That Wasn’t/ by /

15 Jun

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We were supposed to record a podcast last weekend. Thursday night I noticed my throat getting scratchy. By Friday it was an intense ball of pain, and by Saturday a fairly high fever and total loss of voice. Long story short: some kind of throat infection knocked me on my ass for days. Obviously we postponed the podcast and not a whole lot of cartoon work got done this week.

Although unpleasant it’s turned out for the best as it made me re-think some things on the upcoming challenging shot I’m working on as well as allow us to use the next podcast as an E3 wrap-up, so much of this week was spent on the couch watching streams, monitoring my temperature and watching the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer on a loop.

Happy to report I’m almost fully recovered so we will be recording the podcast this Sunday and I’ll be coming back to production fresh on Monday. It also made me keenly aware of how lucky I am that I had the option to just take time off and recover. For most people, particularly in the “gig economy” of freelancing and contract work, getting sick means an unmanageable loss of income. That’s just not right, and we should do better. If Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos really want to help people, I’ll bet I can think of a few practical ways other than putting a car on a rocket ship.

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