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Ep 2 Dev Blog #5 — Slow Week/ by /

8 Jun


Sometimes you’re just not feelin’ it. That was the bulk of this week. Sat down on Monday to finish off some fairly simple animation and it just wasn’t flowing. I still got through it and it ended up fine but it was a real slog. These things happen. This is just a bit of custard that was harder to punch through.

The next big thing was a finalization of a new character design and puppet build, and recording his voice lines. Thankfully I *did* get the first two things done but thanks to never-ending renovations in my building, there was never a time when it was quiet enough to actually record his lines. Still, it gave me time to further refine his voice, which I’m pretty happy with now.

Now if you’ll excuse me we’ve just elected a mini-Trump to run Ontario and it’s my wife’s birthday this weekend so I’m officially taking today and Monday off and likely to seek out a large drink or three to make friends with.

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