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Dev Blog 32 — It’s Time To Play The Music, etc./ by /

4 Jan

Can I give you a hand(s)?

A new year is upon us, and the ramp-up to shooting The Oracle has started.

Over the holidays and with the assistance of my wonderful wife, we dipped our toes into some fabrication and prop making. Always good fun, but not really my aptitude. I have more ambition than skill, but we managed to get done the stuff we need and we are on-schedule for shooting at the end of this month.

My biggest challenge at the moment is doing monitor training. When I was young all my puppeteering was either looking directly at the character or practicing in a mirror since I didn’t have any camera/monitor setup. Using a camera/monitor properly in the Henson style is quite a different beast and I don’t have any instincts or muscle memory for it, so in many ways I’m going back to school. I’ve created a setup in the studio whereby I can just walk in, click a couple of buttons and grab any puppet and start practicing, so that’s helping a lot. It will be interesting to see how my skills develop as time goes on.

It’s time to get things started…

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