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Dev Blog 30 — Plan B/ by /

14 Dec


There are a few constants I’ve discovered since dipping a toe into the puppet-sphere: 

1) Everyone is busy
2) Nothing happens quickly

Yes this could also be an observation about everyone and everything, but I’ve been happily surprised at how busy makers & studios are for puppet-related things. Didn’t expect that. Things not happening quickly is totally understandable in a field where literally everything is a hand-crafted piece of art.

The practical upshot of this is I’m starting to have doubts everything I’ve commissioned for The Oracle is going to be ready in time to start shooting in January, and I *really* want to start shooting in January. So…

I’ve come up with a Plan B that will allow me to start with only minor and inconsequential changes, and which overall I’m pretty happy with. I can’t give details because they’d be fairly major spoilers and I want to save *some* fun for launch, but I’m confident that I’ll be able to get the first episodes out for end on January.

Thankfully this will only need to be implemented if Plan A doesn’t come together — at this point there’s every reason to think it will — but I’m happy to have a backup in case that doesn’t happen. 

Part of the responsibility of being a director/show-runner is doing this kind of thing and thinking of all eventualities. The show must go on, and that means always have a Plan B.

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