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Dev Blog 28 — Puppet Regime/ by /

30 Nov

Witness Relocation for Muppets?

An uneven week, owing largely to delivery delays and my own poor sleep cycle, but I continue to stagger erratically into the future.

On the cartoon front, the goatmen models continue to develop. The 3/4 view now has full lip-sync phonemes, which is one of the more tedious processes. I must confess my head isn’t quite in the cartoon-making space, but I’m still determined to push it along, even if it’s small steps. I have a weakness for the new and shiny, and, well, there’s puppets in the house…

Regarding The Oracle show, although the protagonist’s puppet won’t be ready until mid-January, I realized that because of the structure of the show I can shoot some of it now with the character I *do* have, so this week I started finalizing exactly how I was going to do that. One of the challenges here is the fact that this is a “live hands” character, and therefore doing things like working the camera is best left to a person who isn’t elbow-deep in puppet. On weekends or evenings of course I can always get a hand from my wife and/or Jamie/Andrew, but since I’m doing most of this during weekdays it becomes more of a challenge. As with most things it’s just a matter of coming up with a process and developing that into a routine, and I suspect by next week I’ll be ready to start actually shooting some for-real footage.

Finally, tonight will be the return of the podcast after a small break. It’ll be good to get ’round the mics again, with a slightly reworked format.

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