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Dev Blog 24 — Shifting Gears/ by /

26 Oct

Camera test for… something

One of the fun parts of O:P is also one of it’s problems: there are a number of connected-but-different things we do under the umbrella of this site. It’s one of the reasons actually doing marketing for it is hard. How do you make a single ad for a nerdy site that does a cartoon but also a tangentially-connected video game (and other stuff) podcast oh but also movie reviews and also board game stuff and…

Well you get the idea. Although this makes it hard to do an elevator pitch for the site, this is the way I like it. I like playing with a variety of things, and O:P is essentially just the roof under which to do it. Which brings me to the title of this dev blog. The “portfolio” of O:P is about to get even more diverse, and so instead of focusing on one aspect (the cartoon), I’ve decided to make these blogs holistic. Rather than going back and retroactively renumbering them all, I’m just going to start the new number scheme here, since there are 23 previous posts in the category.

So! First thing’s first: Ep 3 of the cartoon. As always progress is slower than I would like, but the first shot of character work is done and I’m happy to say the break between 2 and 3 hasn’t left me too rusty. As before I’m finding hand-animating the lip-sync rather than using the automatic system & manual cleanup is actually faster. It’s been a tough week overall so I haven’t had a lot of single-block time to spend on the show, but it’s well and truly underway.

Which leads to the next thing. Anyone who follows my Twitter account knows I’ve been working on a new project I’ll be doing under the umbrella of O:P, and yes, it involves puppets. It’s very odd it’s taken me this long to come around to realizing that I could just *do* a puppet-based thing (puppeteering being my dream job since I was like 10) but the recent New York trip sparked a bit of inspiration. Not ready to announce any details yet and still working on technical stuff but expect more dev blogs about it in the weeks to come. And of course stay tuned to my Twitter feed if you’re interested.

All this means that I’m splitting my time a bit more so I doubt Ep 3 will get done as fast as Ep 2, but I’m confident it will still be completed before my Year Of O:P is done, which is the goal.

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