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Ep 2 Dev Blog #2 — aaaand scene/ by /

18 May

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Week 3: All front-facing puppets are done for the main cast and work has started on the next scene.

When starting a new scene there’s always a period of slowdown since it usually involves new assets — backgrounds at the very least, which can be time consuming. However all new assets for the current scene are done and I’m about to dig into the actual animation, which is the fun bit. A lot of compositing, grading and effects in this scene as well as some funky audio stuff I’ve never done before. Plus I get to voice a recurring character, which is also fun. There aren’t too many more background needed for this episode but there will be quite a few more in Ep 3, so I’m kicking around the idea of going to an online service and seeing if I can get a freelancer to help with that. We shall see.

Another unique element in this scene is this is the first time we have a character entirely designed by hand. As I’m not great at drawing, most of the time I’m using some kind of reference or guide for characters, frequently Poser figures. This time however, I literally pulled out pencil & paper and drew from scratch. The nature of the character allowed for my limited abilities, and it’s quite nice to see it up on the screen.


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