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Ep 2 Dev Blog #10 — Gettin’ There/ by /

13 Jul

The Best Beverage

I had a goal this week: finish this scene. It’s the longest in the episode and contains the most VFX work. I’m happy to say that I’m currently rendering the daily and the scene is done. As always there will probably be some tweaks before release, but it’s time to move on.

After this there is only one more scene in the episode. It’s a fairly short scene but has some complicated VFX work so I’m still going with “in a few weeks” for release. There are a few voice lines to record for it but I’m getting warning signals that the throat infection I had last month may be making a comeback tour, so that will all depend on if I have a voice in the next day or two.

Despite my body’s continuing war with itself, we’re getting very close to Ep 2 being in the wild.

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