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Ep 2 Dev Blog #1: Turnaround/ by /

11 May

Working on Wayne’s mouth positions for front view

The end of week 1 of working on O:P full time is here. It is my hope to do these blogs every Friday, hence the new numbering scheme.

In animation circles, one of the main things you do with any character is create what’s called a “turnaround”, where you have examples of the character from a variety of common angles, so you can do a rough 360 degree rotation and use that as a model for any shot you may need (if you’ve ever heard of a design being “off model”, this is what that means).

Fun fact: I don’t actually have full turnarounds for any O:P character. At a certain point when making the pilot I decided that in order to speed up the process I wasn’t going to create any assets that weren’t actually going to be used in a shot, and since almost everyone with the exception of Karen is only seen in 3/4 facing angle, there was no need to do full turnarounds.

Going into Ep 2 I’m still of the “if you don’t need it, don’t build it” frame of mind, but I’ve hit a couple of shots that very definitely need front-facing models, so… here we go. It’s a fairly time-consuming process as you also need to replicate all of the phonetic mouth positions for lip-sync, but in the end it’s worth it since it gives more animation options and builds on the existing library of assets. It’s a bit odd seeing the characters front-facing — we don’t quite suffer the oddness of Simpsons characters, but like most cartoons, we usually see them at a 3/4 degree angle so there’s a strangeness to it.

In terms of progress I got hit by a cold on Wednesday that’s slowed me down a bit, but the animation for Scene 1 is done and dailies are going up to our Google drive pretty regularly, so I’m happy enough. Momentum is building as I get into the routine, which is what I wanted.

Speaking of routine, I’m also giving thought to other aspects of O:P and I think I’m going to try and make Wednesday a regular streaming day. Streaming is useful for me (a) because it’s a kind of socialization that I’m finding I need, being cooped up all day, (b) it *might* bring some more eyeballs to the site, (c) it’s a good supplement to the podcast, and (d) it’s fun. I’m finding having a break to clear my head is helpful, so this works well.

As the orc famously said: work work.

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