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Category: Podcast

12 May

PUGCast 77 — The EndGameCast


Some exciting announcements, some exciting video games, and an Endgame mini spoilercast after the break!

  • Vegas is not fun
  • T-shirt Check!
  • Mooosic
  • Andrew’s in the fugue
  • Andrew’s been playing Yoshi’s Crafted World and Tap games
  • The Oracle hit 100 subscribers!
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20 Apr

PUGCast 76 — The ChicagoCast


We were in Chicago! And now we’re not! All things Star Wars: Celebration!

  • T-shirt Check
  • We went to Chicago! Star Wars Celebration!
  • Are we going to talk about games? Because Jamie has games to talk about. And at least one
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24 Mar

PUGCast 75 — The BadNewsCast


Are you ready for some (not really) bad news? Then we have a podcast for you…

  • T-shirt Check (and Jamie is back!)
  • Captain Mar-vel!
  • Jamie has good news and bad news! (about Destiny 2 and The Division 2)
  • Kevin has
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9 Mar

PUGCast 74 — The ConfessionCast


You probably aren’t ready for this episode’s shocking confession…

  • We’re down a podcaster! We miss you Jamie!
  • T-shirt Check
  • New show coming on The Oracle’s channel: This Week in Stuff
  • Andrew gives us the Destiny 2 update
  • Tom Clancy presents
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17 Feb

PUGCast 73 — The AppearOfflineCast


Are we *actually* offline or does it only appear that way?

  • New toy!
  • T-shirt Check
  • The Oracle has launched! And a vlog!
  • Andrew went to the Deep Web searching for a Replicant
  • Kevin found a time machine and is using
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27 Jan

PUGCast 72 — The BadAnthemCast


A big puppet-shaped announcement and a big Anthem-shaped disappointment.

  • T-shirt Check
  • It’s hard to sleep when you’re old and fat
  • Puppet report: The Oracle is ready to launch! Feb 1! Please subscribe! Link at the bottom of these notes!
  • Kevin
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13 Jan

PUGCast 71 — The SeaBeefCast


Puppets! Destiny! Assassins! SEA BEEF! We gots it all.

  • T-shirt Check
  • Kevin has been playing with puppets. A lot.
  • Destiny 2. DEEESTINY 2!
  • When not playing with puppets, Kevin has been Assassinning. A lot.
  • The last 720P holdout has fallen
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16 Dec

PUGCast 70 — The TwentyEighteenCast


We wrap up 2018 as only the O:P crew can: talking about video games and stuff!

  • T-shirt Check
  • Shoutout to Steve Spohn for his TGA award
  • Game store front ends. Ugh.
  • Tales from ForkKnife
  • Kevin’s been playing Assassins Creed Odyssey.
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1 Dec

PUGCast 69 — The ReturnOfTheCast


You thought you could escape, but NO! We’re back! Tremble before our slightly different format!

– T-shirt Check
– New format!
– YouTube holes: Sesame Street, Ricky Jay, lathe turning
– Andrew’s Excellent Halifax Adventure
– PUG stuff: Ep 3 … Read the rest

13 Oct

PUGCast 68 — The NewYorkChuckCast


We talk about New York, which was great. But first we walk about the Chuck Wendig situation, which is not.


– T-shirt check


– Microsoft announces Project xCloud for streaming Xbox games. Beta 2019
– Dark Crystal: Age … Read the rest

30 Sep

PUGCast 67 — The NostalgiaCast


Scan lines. Discuss.


– T-shirt check


– Telltale Games suddenly closes down
– Mouse and keyboard support coming to Xbox One
– Fortnite crossplay for PS4 enters Beta.
– PS Now to allow downloading some titles, the other … Read the rest

16 Sep

PUGCast 66 — The CruiseCast


Set a course for adventure, your mind on a new romance…

– T-shirt check


– Henry Cavill out as Supes, apparently
– The Game Awards is seeking community submissions for people to recognize who have made positive contributions … Read the rest