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Category: Movies

27 Nov

New Movies for November 27


We’re in the thick of it now! This week’s new releases actually came out on Wednesday thanks to American Thanksgiving.

THE GOOD DINOSAUR – Pixar’s second of the year isn’t as good as INSIDE OUT, but it’s pretty stunning regardless. … Read the rest

19 Nov

New Movies for November 20


Busy week for new releases! Here’s what’s on the radar this week. If you haven’t hit the theatre in a while, there’s LOTS to choose from.

THE NIGHT BEFORE – Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Falcon himself Anthony Mackie are … Read the rest

13 Nov

New movies for November 13


More movies? Dear god, haven’t we seen enough movies? Can’t we just take a break for a few months? Ah, whatever. Here’s what’s out there this week. New releases include:

SPOTLIGHT – A group of investigative reporters in Boston blow … Read the rest

6 Nov

November Movie Preview


November! Where blockbusters and awards season collide! And this year is no different. Let’s get right into it.

  1. THE GOOD DINOSAUR – Nov. 25, RealD3D. Disney/Pixar’s got another winner here. What if the dinosaurs weren’t wiped out? Well, they’d at
Read the rest
30 Oct

New Movies for October 30


Even more new releases this week! They just won’t stop making new movies! Why won’t they stop?

New this week:

SUFFRAGETTE – An Important film that could be dismissed as Oscar bait, except it really is pretty important and features … Read the rest

23 Oct

New Movies for October 23


Ahh, it’s got that new-movie scent! Here’s what’s new this week.

ROOM – Stunning performances from Brie Larson and young Jacob Tremblay in this tale of a woman who’s held against her will for seven years and her son who’s … Read the rest

16 Oct

New Movies for October 16


Super busy week at the theatres! You’ve got absolutely no excuse now, there’s something for everyone playing at a big screen near you. It’s a little overwhelming, frankly.

CRIMSON PEAK – The master Guillermo Del Toro has produced what is, … Read the rest

9 Oct

Movies for October 9


MAN there are a lot of films to catch up on right now. New this week:

HYENA ROAD – Paul Gross stars and directs this Canadian look at the clusterfuck that is Afghanistan. Very authentic, but still more interested in … Read the rest

1 Oct

October Movie Preview


ROCKTOBER! Well, October. It’s where the prestige releases start to make themselves known! To normal people! Where blockbusters mingle with art house, where kids films chat with gorefests. It’s a hell of a month, and this year is no exception. … Read the rest

25 Sep

New Movies for Sept. 25


Here’s your look at this week’s movies! New this week: SICARIO – Brilliant thriller from Canadian Denis Villeneuve (PRISONERS). Emily Blunt is an FBI agent drawn into the insane world of Mexican drug cartels. Exclusive run in Toronto until Oct. … Read the rest

18 Sep

This Week’s Movies


Hey, we’re not just about games here! Movies are a big part of our influence, and who knows what new material will come from the freshest of releases? Gotta channel that zeitgeist! Every week I break down the ten major … Read the rest