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Category: Movies

29 Jun

July Movie Preview


July! The Summer Movie Season is pretty much done, but there’s a few blockbusters still in the mix. What’s worth checking out? Let’s break it down! EDIT: I just discovered that SWISS ARMY MAN actually opens this week (the directors … Read the rest

24 Jun

New Movies for June 24, 2016


A few snuck onto the release calendar this week that weren’t on my monthly look, but they’re worth noticing!

HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE – Taika Waititi’s last film was the brilliant WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, this one’s much … Read the rest

17 Jun

New Movies for June 17, 2016


What’s that? You’re not sure what to see at the movies this week? It just so happens that I’ve made a proper list! Top ho!

FINDING DORY – It’s not really about finding Dory, more Dory looking for her family, … Read the rest

10 Jun

New Movies for June 10, 2016


Trying to escape the cold? Why not try a warm, toasty movie theatre?

WARCRAFT – Mixed reviews be damned, at least they’re trying something interesting! Director Duncan Jones is a great talent, and the mix of CG and live performances … Read the rest

3 Jun

June Movie Preview


June! The onslaught of summer madness continues! Have we reached a peak in general audience participation? Is it all coming to an end? Will megafilms finally collapse under their own weight? Or will we continue to support these shambling monstrosities? … Read the rest

27 May

New Movies for May 27


Couple of indie releases this week, nothing big.

X-MEN: APOCALYPSE – The fourth big comic film of the year is, well, the second worst. If you keep raising the stakes, eventually every world-threatening event becomes ho-hum, and that’s exactly what’s … Read the rest

20 May

New Movies for May 20


Aww yiss, lots of great movies in theatres this week kids. So many that the list is a bit bigger than usual so you don’t miss any good options. Let’s dig in!

THE NICE GUYS – Shane Black’s KISS KISS … Read the rest

6 May

May Movie Preview


Summer’s here! Well, summer movie season is here. The megablockbusters are here to kick you in the teeth and leave you wanting more! Well, maybe just punch you in the stomach. Still, the madness begins! Let’s take a look at … Read the rest

22 Apr

New Movies for April 22


Five new movies out this week, so let’s take a look!  Some snuck onto the release schedule after the monthly preview, so it’s fresh meat!

SING STREET – A young kid in ’80s Dublin starts a band to impress a … Read the rest

15 Apr

New Movies for April 15


Thinking of heading to the movies this week? Why, here’s a handy guide to what’s out there!

DISNEY’S THE JUNGLE BOOK – It’s the story you know and probably love, but in THREE DEE! Seriously though, the 3D is said … Read the rest

8 Apr

New Movies for April 8


What’s on at the show this week? Why, movies of course! Tens and tens of movies! Let’s look at what’s new. For the record, Batman V Superman Colon Dawn Of Justice is still at the top because it’s in glorious … Read the rest

1 Apr

April Movie Preview


April movies bring May blockbusters! So let’s just get this month over with, shall we?

  1. KEANU – April 29. Key and Peele’s big screen debut features the cutest kitten in history. Oh, and it’s funny as hell.
Read the rest