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Category: Movies

16 Sep

New Movies for September 16, 2016


TIFF is finally winding down, after weeks of choking our city streets with the blood of fans sacrificing themselves to their Hollywood Gods. Back to the grindstone! And by grindstone I mean a glut of mediocre films. Onwards!

BLAIR WITCH … Read the rest

9 Sep

New Movies for September 9, 2016


Here’s my TIFF coverage: Don’t pay $32 to see a movie unless the star/director is sitting next to you, giving you a live commentary. Other than that, here’s what’s new in theatres this week!

SULLY – Basically a TV movie … Read the rest

2 Sep

September Movie Preview


September! Too early for prestige, too late for blockbusters! And man, does this month’s schedule reflect that. It’s a rough month by any metric. But there might be some bright lights in the darkness, so let’s get crackin’.

Read the rest
26 Aug

New Movies for August 26, 2016


Hello out there! Movies? Sure, I can tell you about movies. Why don’t we start with what’s new this week?

DON’T BREATHE – A killer thriller about a three youngsters who decide to rob a blind guy who’s rumoured to … Read the rest

19 Aug

New Movies for August 19, 2016


Several new films this week, bringing the quality meter up a few notches! Let’s take a look.

KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS – A beautiful stop-motion animated tale that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. Absolutely worth your time, and films … Read the rest

12 Aug

New Movies for August 12, 2016


Struggling to get through the movie listings? Trying to use those free movie coupons? Here’s a look at what’s in theatres this week!

SAUSAGE PARTY – A filthy, insane look at the secret life of food. If you anthropomorphise food, … Read the rest

3 Aug

August Movie Preview


August! Summer’s leftovers battle for table scraps! Mind you, it’s been a pretty rough summer for the blockbusters this year, so maybe people are hungry for quality films. What’s on the docket? Let’s break it down.

Read the rest
29 Jul

New Movies for July 29, 2016


Missed a few weeks of new releases, so as a refresher I’ll quickly break down each of the films this week.

STAR TREK BEYOND – An excellent return to the roots of the series. Bringing in Justin Lin (FAST FIVE) … Read the rest

8 Jul

New Movies for July 8, 2016


I mean, there’s just so damn many films in theatres right now. Films that need your monies. Go see good movies.

SWISS ARMY MAN – Completely insane, and quite possibly the best film of the year. This is the kind … Read the rest

29 Jun

July Movie Preview


July! The Summer Movie Season is pretty much done, but there’s a few blockbusters still in the mix. What’s worth checking out? Let’s break it down! EDIT: I just discovered that SWISS ARMY MAN actually opens this week (the directors … Read the rest

24 Jun

New Movies for June 24, 2016


A few snuck onto the release calendar this week that weren’t on my monthly look, but they’re worth noticing!

HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE – Taika Waititi’s last film was the brilliant WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, this one’s much … Read the rest

17 Jun

New Movies for June 17, 2016


What’s that? You’re not sure what to see at the movies this week? It just so happens that I’ve made a proper list! Top ho!

FINDING DORY – It’s not really about finding Dory, more Dory looking for her family, … Read the rest