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Category: Movies

5 May

New Movies for May 2017


MAY! IT’S MAY! SUMMER MOVIE SEASON IS HERE! And what better way to kick it off than a sequel to Marvel’s biggest surprise hit? Not much counter-programming this year, so there’s only eight movies on the list this month! Let’s … Read the rest

7 Apr

April Movie Preview


April! The appetizer to the Summer madness. This year, we’ve got another entry in a megafranchise to set the tone for the coming season, with some nice sides to go with it. Let’s take a look.

  1. FREE FIRE – April
Read the rest
10 Mar

New Movies for March 10, 2017


Just two new releases this week, but one is a… MONSTER

KONG: SKULL ISLAND – Solid big-screen epic entertainment. Easily the largest version of the classic creature, and he’s got lots of terrifying friends to throw down with, not to … Read the rest

3 Mar

March Movie Preview


Ever since 300 debuted to big numbers back in 2006, March has gotten Summer-level respect from the big boys, and we’ve got some monster releases to prove it. Let’s dig in!

  1. KONG: SKULL ISLAND – March 10, RealD3D, IMAX 3D.
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17 Feb

New Movies for February 17, 2017


This week’s releases were so close to being good, but all of them (save one) are lacking something important. Still lots to see though!

PATERSON – Jim Jarmusch is a national treasure, and his works should always be celebrated. His … Read the rest

10 Feb

New Movies for February 10, 2017


I realized while writing this that though I did make that preview for ALLLL of 2017, I didn’t actually make a preview for February. Meh, most of the good films are out this week anyway, so you’ll have to make … Read the rest

8 Feb

Remembering Richard Hatch


I got to meet Richard Hatch at Toronto ComicCon 2011 when I moderated his Q&A. I excitedly combed through his IMDB to grill him about his other, non-Battlestar Galactica roles but when the time came, he said he’d run the … Read the rest

2 Feb

2017 Movie Outlook! The Whole Year!


I’m going to be blunt here; 2017 is shaping up to be an all-timer. There are some massive films coming out, several in rapid succession, and the creatives are running the show. Many filmmaking geniuses have been given the budgets … Read the rest

27 Jan

New Movies for January 27, 2017


Still getting through the dregs of January, but there’s a few Oscar picks to check out. This week’s new films are, um, not Oscar worthy.

RESIDENT EVIL: THE FINAL CHAPTER – Promise? I haven’t seen one of these since EXTINCTION, … Read the rest

20 Jan

New Movies for January 20, 2017


Some real surprises this week! And the top ten is all green! You might want to head to the show after all!

xXx: THE RETURN OF XANDER CAGE – Yup, it’s dumb as hell, but it’s also a lot of … Read the rest

13 Jan

New Movies for January 13, 2016


After an ONSLAUGHT of emails, tweets, texts, faxes, and carrier pigeons, it’s time to bring back the look at what’s new in theatres this week! Since it’s been a few, I’ll give a breakdown for everything, and it’s also expanded … Read the rest

6 Jan

January Movie Preview


2017! The last year! The end of days is here. It’s a shame we won’t make it to December for EPISODE VIII, but hey, at least we get to watch it all burn. Okay, fine, maybe we won’t ALL die. … Read the rest