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Category: Movies

6 Apr

April Movie Preview


April! It’s the prelude to the Summer blockbuster season! Well at least it was until a certain film got moved up a week, so whammo! Here we are.

  1. AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR – April 27, RealD3D, IMAX3D. It’s all been leading
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2 Mar

March Movie Preview


Holy hell there’s a lot of movies out for a March. I hadn’t even heard of half of them myself, so there’s a lot of chaff in here, but some wheat too. Let’s dig in!


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9 Feb

February Movie Preview


February! From the darkest month of winter comes a bevy of beautiful cinematic concoctions! Plenty of fodder for your Valentine’s date money, and some proper blockbusters to boot! We should probably get right into it.

  1. BLACK PANTHER – Feb. 16,
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11 Jan

January Movie Preview


January! O what hath thou wrought? What cruel cinematic monstrosities doth thou unleash upon us this year? Let us partake of thy dry, thorny buffet.

  1. PROUD MARY – Jan. 12. Always nice to see Tajiri P. Henson toplining a film,
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1 Dec

December Movie Preview!


December! Oscar bait meets the blockbusters! Sometimes they’re one and the same! This year, not so much, but honestly you’ll get pretty deep in the list before the crap starts to show, so dig in!

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23 Nov

November Movie Preview (cough)


November! Well, it’s almost over, but the good news is that pretty much everything on the list is in theatres NOW! So let’s get into it!

  1. THOR: RAGNAROK – IMAX3D. Easily the funniest Marvel film yet. It’s a miracle on
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13 Oct

October Movie Preview


October has NINETEEN wide releases this year. That’s bananas. Here’s a look at what’s coming out.

  1. BLADE RUNNER 2049 – Oct 6, RealD3D, IMAX. It’s a worthy followup to one of the greats, and a must-see in IMAX. Note that
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1 Sep

September Movie Preview


September! A summer that laid waste to the stocks of cinema chains is over! Seems that folks weren’t too happy about the endless sequels and reboots so they stayed home and watched Netflix. Will this month’s releases drag the masses … Read the rest

2 Aug

August Movie Preview


I’ll be honest, my initial look at August was pretty weak, but after further review there are some quality films coming out! Oddly, no big-budget blockbusters though (even DARK TOWER cost under $100 mil). So there’s still lots to check … Read the rest

7 Jul

July Movie Preview


July! Summer is in full swing, with lots of blockbusters clogging up the theatre! It’s been a pretty rough summer overall, with lots of franchises sputtering and dying, but cheer up, quality films are here in spades! Let’s break it … Read the rest

5 Jun

Andrew interviews Ron Perlman, Martin Starr, and John Francis Daley


As mentioned in this week’s podcast, here are links for two of the panels I moderated at Motor City Comic Con.

Martin Starr and John Francis Daley via Detroit Free Press Co-stars of FREAKS AND GEEKS, Martin Starr also stars … Read the rest

2 Jun

New Movies for June 2017


June! The summer movie season is in full swing. This month, every weekend has a potential $100m opening, but there’s blood in the water. Not everything will succeed, but what will be worth your hard-earned cashola? Let’s take a look.… Read the rest