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Category: Movies

13 Sep

September Movie Preview


September! Well, we’re already a fair bit through but in my defense there are so few releases this month I almost forgot to do a preview, but hey, maybe you haven’t seen any ads for these yet. Marketing is weird. … Read the rest

2 Aug

August Movie Preview


August! It’s still hot as heck but summer’s almost over! Well, it is according to this month’s releases, because dang it’s looking brutal. Some potential diamonds in the rough but almost no blockbusters to speak of. Well, let’s sort out … Read the rest

5 Jul

July Movie Preview


July! Summer is in full swing! And boy, is the schedule packed this month! A whopping six wide releases. Okay then.

  1. SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME – July 2, IMAX, RealD3D. See, the first one was HOMECOMING, and now it’s not,
Read the rest
7 Jun

June Movie Preview


June! Non-stop blockbusters! Well, more or less. Let’s take a look.

  1. TOY STORY 4 – June 21, IMAX, RealD3D. Is this the final chapter for Pixar’s OG? 3 certainly seemed like a proper ending, but I guess they hammered out
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3 May

May Movie Preview


May! Summer movie season is in full swing, despite not actually being summer until *checks notes* the 21st of June. Man, we gotta work on that. Regardless, the megahits are ready to roll, though this month is surprisingly light … Read the rest

1 Mar

March Movie Preview


March! A month that means madness to some, a break to others! Also, movies are released, so we should probably take a look at what’s out there, because lordy lordy it’s a mixed bag.

  1. CAPTAIN MARVEL – March 8, RealD3D,
Read the rest
13 Feb

February Movie Preview


Yeah, it’s late, but just in time for Valentine’s day, right?

February! Dear god the winter will never end. O Death! Where is thy sting? Right, movies. It’s become a fairly big month for movies over the last decade, so … Read the rest

6 Feb



Why should the Americans have dominance over end-of-the-world blockbusters? Time for China to take their shot at the crown! And they’ve made a hell of a film with their biggest blockbuster yet, cribbing from ARMAGEDDON, 2012, INTERSTELLAR, 2001, and even … Read the rest

11 Jan

January Movie Preview


January! The dumping ground is open! The awards bait bobs at the top while expensive flops get abandoned! Good times all around. It’s a light month, even including last week’s single release there are only 8 this month, so let’s … Read the rest

7 Dec

December Movie Preview


December! It’s the end of a hell year! Let’s wrap it up! 2019 will be better, right? Right? Anyway, lots of blockbusters and awards bait, so let’s dig in.

  1. SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE – Dec. 14. When Sony announced an
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9 Nov

November Movie Preview


November! American Thanksgiving! Blockbusters! Awards bait! Well, usually. Honestly, this is a pretty rough month. Most of the big films have been getting very disappointing reviews, so consider this a warning to what’s ahead. Still, stiff upper lip, what what!… Read the rest

12 Oct

October Movie Preview


October! The dead rise from their graves and, um, go see movies or something. I’m not really sure how that works. Usually we get some early Oscar bait, and yes, there’s a few nibbles here, along with some lowest-common-denominator hits, … Read the rest