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Category: Miscellanea

8 Jul

Podcast note


We took off last weekend to accommodate the holiday, and we decided this week that out of respect for the horrible tragedies unfolding in the US we are going to skip this week as well. Look for the return of … Read the rest

14 Jun

Photodump: Star Wars and the Power of Costume


On a lovely weekend getaway to New York City I had the chance to see the Smithsonian exhibit Star Wars and the Power of Costume in Times Square. The exhibit features costumes and props from all the films, mostly originals … Read the rest

29 Apr

New Movies for April 29


Last week for April! Next stop: Summermovieville. But there are some great releases this week!

KEANU – KEY & PEELE was a seminal sketch series with some of the funniest skits to ever hit the small screen, and they’ve finally … Read the rest

28 Apr

Podcast Note


Just a quick note that to accommodate schedules we’re deferring this week’s podcast to next week, so the next PUGCast will be up Monday April 9.… Read the rest

19 Apr

PUGCast on Google Play


Good news everyone! The PUGCast is now on Google Play Music Podcast service, for all your Android-fueled needs: Read the rest

30 Mar

Further Thoughts on Destiny


These are things that I have thought about in the hours that I’ve played in Destiny since The Podcast (Linked here for clarity.)

I can feel the rougher edges of the Social Hub in Destiny starting to wear off. I … Read the rest

3 Mar

Podcast Note


Hey kids, quick note that we’re pushing the next podcast recording from this weekend to next, to (a) accommodate schedules, and (b) allow us to get some quality time with Tom Clancy Presents Tom Clancy’s The Division (feat Tom Clancy), … Read the rest

22 Jan

New Movies for January 22


January’s suckage continues unabated! Revel in the mediocrity and malaise of the January dumpage!

THE 5TH WAVE – The lovely and talented Chloe Grace-Moretz toplines this new YA franchise dealing with the end of the world via alien invasion. With … Read the rest

8 Nov

A note about future Podcasts


First off yes, there will be a PUGCast this week, scheduled for release tomorrow.

After some discussion we’ve decided to move to a bi-weekly schedule rather than weekly, and tighten up the format a bit. As we do all of … Read the rest

29 Oct

Guess what?


…no podcast this week. This alien virus from beyond Neptune has kept me out of commission all week, and my voice sounds like something you’d expect out of an amusing cartoon frog or a Skinny Puppy album.

We will get … Read the rest

23 Oct

Another Podcast Note


The Lizard Illuminati have sent their chemtrail drones to infect me with a genetically engineered virus made possible by evil scientists and vaccines, so there will be no podcast this week. 

On the other hand, I’d like to introduce my … Read the rest

11 Oct

Podcast Note


Owing to the holiday weekend schedule we’re going to be skipping this week for podcastery, but fear not, we will be back with vocal vengeance next week! … Read the rest