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Category: Gaming

18 Nov

SW Battlefront Quickie


Full review on an upcoming PUGCast but this was a very satisfying kill. The player I got in that close shot had been on my tail for some time.… Read the rest

12 Oct

That’s a Crit


I’ve come to a truce with the Dualshock 4 controller. I still fight with it on occasion, but the addition of thumb stick caps has improved my aim considerably.

Brothers & sisters, witness me:… Read the rest

20 Sep

Undertale Stream


So on Saturday I streamed about an hour of Undertale, an excellent Indie RPG that came out this week. Feel free to watch the archive of the stream, but if you find yourself interested in playing the game, don’t … Read the rest

19 Sep

Meet your new grandma


Too awesome not to share. 

Shirley is a 79 year old grandmother who just had a kickass gaming PC built and is starting to play Skyrim.  Her Let’s Play video is a charming view into the pure enjoyment of gaming. … Read the rest

18 Sep

Streaming: My Experience


Last weekend I decided to try out streaming PC games for the first time. I played with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) as it seems to be what a lot of the streamers that I watch use. I ran … Read the rest

13 Sep

Mad Max Convoy Chase


Continuing with our Mad Max love, I present this convoy chase I played yesterday in rebuttal to some of the harsher critiques. Sure there is some busywork in the game (as in all open world games), but there’s also plenty … Read the rest

3 Aug

Inaugural Twitch Stream – Marvel Heroes 2015


Things got weird at the end, but was fun while it lasted.… Read the rest